Anthony Stokes, the 15-year-old Georgia resident who was initially denied a place on a heart transplant list because of his history of criminal record and “non-compliance,” has been given a second chance in 2013. Doctors weren’t convinced that Anthony could be trusted to follow directions and manage his follow-up care.


“I know he will comply with all the rules. He will take his medicine because he knows that is how he has to live”.

Melencia Hamilton, Anthony’s mother told ABC News in an emotional interview. Two days after airing touching material the story sparked national outrage and the hospital eventually relented, completing the surgery just seven days after he was put on the transplant list.


“After reviewing the situation, they said Anthony would be placed on the list for a heart transplant and that he would be first in line, due to his weakened heart condition”.

Told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution family spokesman Mark Bell.


Anthony promised to change his misguided ways and was given a second chance.



That chance ended two years later just off the intersection of Alpharetta Highway and Hembree Road in Roswell, Ga., some 25 miles north of Atlanta. Stokes allegedly carjacked a Honda, then burst into a Roswell home and shot at an elderly woman as he tried to rob her, luckily she was not hit.


“A lady said a person kicked in the door to break into the house. She was inside the living room and saw the suspect, who was wearing a mask,”

Told the news station Lisa Holland, of the Roswell Police Department.


Stokes then took off at a high speed as cops chased him down the highway. He smashed into a 33-year-old pedestrian before losing control and plowing into a pole.



“He did a fishtail spin going around to the right and hit a pedestrian. I saw a white shirt fly up in the air.”

Claudia Kuklis – witness.


Clementina Hernandez was hospitalized in stable condition, but Stokes, who was cut from the mangled wreckage, died later at the hospital.
The teen was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitoring bracelet for past fighting when he learned he had dilated cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart that is too weak to pump enough blood.
The family and his supporters said Stokes was being punished “because he was poor, black and had trouble with the law, which his mother said was for fighting,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.


“So I can live a second chance. Get a second chance and do things I want to do.”

Stokes told WSB as he fought to get on the transplant list nearly four years ago.



Photos from his Facebook page show selfies in which Stokes points a gun and clutches wads of cash. Several pictures feature Stokes smoking marijuana. Among his “likes” is the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. Earlier this year in January, Stokes spent about three weeks in the DeKalb County Jail after an arrest for criminal attempt and possession of a tool for the commission of a crime, online county records show.



The hospital embroiled in the heart transplant controversy, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, declined Wednesday to answer specific questions about the medical incident few years ago.


Dec. 13, 2014 – New York, NY. Thousands of protestors march in Millions March NYC, a massive protest against police brutality. Photo by Julius Motal for Voices of NY


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