The Daily Routines of the biggest gangs in the USA

The Bloodline gang are one of the most organised gangs in America with more than 35,000 active members, while the Kings are the oldest and largest Hispanic street gang in the United States.

(All Images: Exclusivepix Media)

‘Murder’ holds a gun that he bought for 250 USD in the street. He bought it after guys from another gang stabbed one of his friends in the neck.

‘Blask’ cut his hand with a broken bottle during a fight with members from an enemy gang called the Trinitarios. These kind of injuries are common between gang members since fights quickly escalate from fists to razor blades, knives and guns.

‘Smokey’ walks down the street whilst taking his shirt off before trying to fight some other gang members from a rival gang called the Trinitarios.

Members of the gang rest in their apartments after a long day at a meeting with other gang members, smoking some marijuana and drinking beer.

A tattoo displays the words ‘Been Family’ on the chest of Thomas Jennings, an active member of the Bloods gang in the U.S.A. The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation is the oldest and largest Hispanic street gang in the United States. Its roots date to 1954 Humboldt Park in Chicago, Illinois.

‘From here I can shoot the J train’ is what ‘B-RAD’ said to his brother-in-law ‘Smokey’. B-Rad is not a Latin King, he is a member of the Ysquad Gang that rules a small neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Karen, the mother of Kirell and aunt of Smokey looks at her phone while watching TV inside her apartment in Brooklyn.

Gang members and friends mourn the death of Simbaa who died after being stabbed 20 times in the chest in Williamsburg-Brooklyn.

B-RAD hides in the corner of his apartment because police officers and members from an enemy gang were looking for him. He was part of a shooting on the second floor of his building, where he was shot in the leg and now can’t leave his house because of gang retaliation

A small child sleeps at his home in the Bushwick projects in the house that he shares with his uncle ‘Smokey’, who rules the neighborhood for the Latin King.

Latin Kings meet at one of the headquarters of the gangs in Bushwick. Monthly meeting often take place at parks or abandoned houses.

‘Smokey’ lights up a marijuana cigarette while sitting in his room at the Bushwick housing projects.

‘Teflon’ shows the table where he has displayed a gun laying on top of a Bible, several bullets, a scale for drugs and a book of the law of attraction. Drug dealing and violence is part of the daily life of gang members in New York.

View of one of the project buildings located in the Bushwick housing projects. This building, in the heart of Bushwick, is home for several gangs including the Latin Kings, YSquad and Bloods. The building is always patrolled by NYPD officers and security cameras.

‘Flash’ lies on the floor after smoking marijuana. One of the things that Latin Kings do the most is hang out and smoke.

Street level drug dealing is the main source of income of the gang. A large base of their transactions come from the homeless and users in the immediate community

‘King Buckets’ and ‘King Chucho'(gang members from the Latin Kings gang) wait for their leader ‘Smokey’ to come out of jail after getting locked up for possession of a gun and drugs.

“Living in the hood is like living in prison” – ‘Smokey’

‘LOONEY’, an active member of the Nation yells ‘Amor de Rey’ or ‘King Love’ at his group while they’re looking for Trinitarios’ members from an enemy gang in a subway station.

‘ISIS’ looks outside the window for ‘mandown’ coming into the building. ‘Mandown’ is the way they call NYPD police officers.


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