Actress Tina Fey has a 4 inches long scar on her left cheek. When Tina was 5 years old, she was playing outside her house when an unknown man wounded her with a sharp blade without a reason.

Lebanese soldiers fighting ISIL have raised a Spanish flag to salute victims of terror attacks in Barcelona and Cabrils on Lebanon’s north-east border with Syria, on Saturday.

Thanks to fossilworks.org and paleobiodb.org you can see what dinosaurs were living in your neighborhood.

Nǃxau ǂToma a Namibian bush farmer was paid $300 for his role in the 1980 movie The Gods Must Be Crazy. Movie earned $60 millions.

Many of the 300 rescue dogs searching the ruins of the World Trade Centre in 2001 had severe depression because they were not finding anyone alive.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 women in Mexico has been sexually harassed.

Beer is to be legally classified as an alcoholic drink in Russia since 2013.

Commodore 64 had its 35th birthday at 22nd  August 2017.

Interior of British Imperial Airways plane Handley Page W10. Picture from 1936.

During the filming of Leon: The Professional, a bank robber mistook a scene for actual cops and “gave himself up” to a bunch of actors. Gossip says he was French.


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