Meet the Sentinelese, a Tribe That Haven’t Discovered a Fire



The Sentinelese people of North Sentinel island are an “uncontacted” tribe that is yet to discover fire and agriculture and will kill anyone who sets foot on their island.



A video of the Sentinelese—200-plus dark-skinned people, decorated with ocher body paint and fiber bands but otherwise naked—taken from helicopters and on early expeditions seems to indicate that the tribe remains healthy and strong. North Sentinel Island sit in the middle of India and Malaysia. About 28 square miles of forest. No outsider ever sets foot on North Sentinel Island. Their inhabitants known as the Sentinelese have remained the most genuinely isolated people in the world likely for thousands of years.



It is believed they eat coconuts, cracked open with their teeth, and hunt turtles, lizards, wild game, and small birds with bows and javelins. It is suspected they tip their arrows with metal salvaged from shipwrecks, but otherwise lack modern technology, including the knowledge of how to make fire—they preserve embers from lightning strikes instead. Of course, these observations could be false especially how little contact researchers can achieve.



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