From Scotland’s Electric Brae to the United State’s Oregon Vortex. Here are nine places on Earth where gravity doesn’t seem to exist.

9: Magnetic Hill


It seems that the cold country of Canada has more mysterious things going on than we realize. Take for example the world famous Magnetic Hill located in Moncton, New Brunswick. This a another mysterious spot where the laws of gravity seem not to apply. Interesting signs mark the spot where cars also seem to move against the natural flow of gravity. The road itself actually began as a cart route from the city to the ridge, and its magnetic properties were only discovered after the automobile age. In the 1930’s, drivers discovered a strange phenomenon, If they took their foot off the car brake at the bottom of the hill their vehicle would roll backwards, up the hill. Explanations range from aliens to ghosts or an optical illusion, also known as a gravity hill.


8: Electric Brae

Gravity is one of our universe’s fundamental forces, which means that it is present on some level everywhere in the known universe. While gravity maps can show the differences in gravity between places around the world, the difference is usually negligible. So even if you were in a place with one of the lowest accelerations, like Mount Nevado Huascaran in Peru you wouldn’t be able to float or anything like that, although the lowered gravity might make the air a little hard to breathe. There are however, mysterious places scattered around the world where gravity seems to act in weird and mysterious ways. Take for example, the famous Electric Brae of Scotland. Passing the amazing views of the Scottish countryside, there is a single rock on the roadside the marks the mysterious spot. In this small stretch of road, cars put in neutral seem to actually roll uphill against gravity! Long ago when electricity was still a mystery, the first observers thought that it was somehow overpowering the natural gravity and drawing things uphill. One of the few natural gravity hills, it has been the source of several legends as it seems to have some kind of force that carries objects to the sea uphill. The stone that marks the spot however describes an optical illusion, that makes it seem as though it is inclined one direction while in reality the ground is inclined in the opposite direction. The trees and surrounding landscape help to reinforce the illusion. Even so, it still seems like a magical place with supernatural qualities.


7: Santa Cruz Mystery Spot

Discovered in 1939 by inventor George Prather, it was opened to the public soon after the end of World War II. According to the local newspaper, Prather began to feel dizzy after purchasing land on the hill, and noticed his compass jittering wildly. After building the house on the property, he invited people to come and tour guides provided daily shows to interested tourists. The first “crazy house” to be completed in such detail in California, it become popular enough to be passed through several generations of the Prather family. Visitors to the Mystery Spot seem to be able to balance at impossible angles and seem to fall sideways into the house. Water can be seen flowing uphill and you can let a ball roll and it will go up hill as well! Visitors often describe odd feelings and effects while standing within the Spot. The guides provide speculations for the ‘gravitational anomaly’ such as underground spacecraft or guidance systems, magma vortexes or even “biocosmic radiation”. Whatever the true reason, they seem to enjoy the curiosity and theories of the guests that explore the strange home nestled in the California redwoods. Over the years, the Mystery Spot remains a popular tourist destination that has been visited for generations. In fact, as of August 2014, the site is officially considered a California Historical Landmark as young and old continue to voyage into the famous Santa Cruz Mystery Spot.


6: Ghostly Gravity Hill

This one has a bit more of a paranormal vibe. Just south of San Antonio, Texas is an area known as the Ghostly Gravity Hill. According to legend, there used to be train tracks passing right through the road. Story goes that a bus carrying children to school was driving down the road when the bus stalled right in the middle. The train came barreling down the tracks, and ended the lives of the doomed children. Apparently, those who return to the spot and put their car in neutral, will find the car get pushed back over the tracks by the ghosts of the children who died there. Some even claim that if you put powder on your trunk you can actually see the handprints of the ghosts pushing you. While certainly creepy, it is another situation where gravity seems to act in the opposite direction. Or isn’t working properly… Skeptics say that it is just another gravity hill, and that the handprints are just leftover residue from opening the trunk many times yourself. Still, many people are unsure and visit the lonley road at night to try to find out the truth for themselves. Is it gravity, the lack of gravity or ghostly children?


5: Dokkaebi Road

In South Korea there is another famous gravitational anomaly in a place locals dub Dokkaebi Road. Also appropriately called the Mysterious Road, it is a popular tourist spot on the way to nearby Jeju City. Food and souvenir stalls are scattered along this popular route as tour buses pull over. Here you can see balls roll uphill and drivers in neutral look on as their cars seem to be pulled up the hill..Some tour guys will even pour water on the road so onlookers can watch it defy gravity and roll uphill. Though it is a recognized optical illusion, visitors love to make a stop to order to witness the ‘magic’ of the Jeju Mysterious Road. There are those who still believe that it is another spot where gravity is just not there or not working as it should because of some mysterious force.


4: Confusion Hill

Moving further north in California, is another interesting spot with more than a few oddities. Listed as one of the California Points of Historical Interest, Confusion Hill in Piercy is over 60 years old, located off the US 101 motorway. One of the biggest differences from the similar Santa Cruz Mystery spot to the south, is that it claims to be the home of the elusive “Chipalope”, a creature that is part antelope and part chipmunk. Usually pictured as chipmunk with antlers, this interesting fusion has been proposed to be the product of powerful magic or even alien experimentation. The tale of the potentially fictional creature is told in great detail and is a part of the great legend of the Confusion Hill as a whole, a place that is thought to be a source for all kinds of strange occurrences. Inside the house that was build there, gravity behaves strangely and people feel as though they aren’t standing upright even when they are. Built by George Hudson after wanting to have his own strange place such as the famous Oregon vortex, confusion Hill passed though several owners but it’s mysterious legends remained. It is also the home of world’s tallest freestanding redwood chainsaw carving, as well as the Redwood shoe house and miniature train ride for the family.


3: Montana Vortex and House of Mystery

Hidden in the mountains of Montana, USA in a small city called Columbia Falls is the famed : Montana Vortex and House of Mystery. Urging visitors to pass through “the portal”, the crooked house is supposedly designed to amplify the power of a small but powerful vortex, they claim rests below the attraction. The energy field of the area is said to transform perspective and alter the world around you. Besides the odd gravitational effects, there are other perceived oddities, such as rooms where people appear to shrink and grow as they walk around. They also advertise a unique spot in which people can perceive their own “auras” as well as a healing labyrinth used for spiritual healing. Truly a house of mystery, the Montana Vertex has amazed tourists for over 40 years and likely will discover new effects of the vortex for years to come.


2: Spook Hill

One of the older tourist attractions of Florida, Lake Wales offers another case of strange gravity. A sign featuring a smiling ghost, marks the location of the site along road. It tells the story of an old tribe constantly attacked by a huge alligator, and the warrior chief that tried to defeat the animal and defend the tribe. They waged the huge battle that created the local swamp land now surrounding the site, but in the end the great warrior prevailed. They say the warrior chief was buried just north of the road. The sign provides instruction for passing drivers to stop at the line and shift into neutral to watch themselves being pulled up the hill. Legend has it that this strangeness is caused by the great gator seeking revenge or even the Chief protecting the land from outsiders. Apparently, early pioneers on horseback noticed strange effects on their animals and named the land Spook Hill. The town became known for the legend, and even the nearby school mascot is a ghost in reference to Spook Hill, a place where even old ghosts can cause strange things to happen to gravity.


1: Oregon Vortex

Nestled in Gold Hill, the Oregon Vortex is one the oldest and most popular gravity hills to exist in the United States. According to legend, the Vortex is actually forbidden land from when the Native Americans lived in the area. The attraction claims that the house is surrounded by a whirlpool of swirling, gravitational forces such the ones that make up our own galaxy, the Milky Way. They claim scientific analysis proves the bizarre forces at play as visitors try to orient themselves in this mysterious house. Patrons seem to grow and shrink as they move about, and are able to lean at impossible angles within the “vortex”. Tourists claim the strongest effects are felt within the corona of the vortex, and children and parents are amazed at the seemingly impossible feats done by the tour guides that work there. Demonstrations and other performances are done on the site, to the cheers of the crowds who see them. Another gravitational anomaly, skeptics and believers are divided on the validity of the Vortex, while the owners still claim power there is real. Regardless of the truth, the Oregon Vortexx is popular enough to have actually been featured in many shows and other media. From X-Files to Supernatural, it is said to have real, mysterious power. Even the popular Disney show Gravity Falls has its main location designed after the Vortex. While a fundamental force, gravity is still being researched and new discoveries happen all the time. Who knows where this force will take us next?

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